Dr. Lou Turchi has been
practicing dentistry for over 30
years. He received his Doctor of
Dental Surgery Degree from the
University of the Pacific. Dr. Turchi
completed his undergraduate
studies at the University of
Southern California and the
California State University at
Los Angeles. Jeff Turchi DDS,
Scott Turchi DDS, and Kimberly
Turchi DDS, also received their
degrees from the University
of the Pacific.

Besides making your smile the
brightest and recognizing the
individual needs for his  patients,
Dr. Turchi has also spent well
over twenty years serving his
profession in a variety of leadership
roles. He is the only dentist in
California who has served as
President of the California Dental
Association, a Trustee to the
American Dental Association for
four years, and being appointed by
the Governor to the Dental Board of
California, where he served as
President for three and a half years,
showing his dedication to serving
his profession.